Things to hate about travel (3) – people who arrive last onto a packed flight with carry-on luggage

People who arrive last on to a packed flight with bags that won’t go under the seat in front. And then then spend ages rearranging the overhead bins and the belongings of those who boarded in good time, and who didn’t travel with ridiculous amounts of carry-on luggage. Then bitch like mad when the cabin crew get strict with them. Personally I can no longer handle the stress of boarding a flight early early just to get a space for carry-on bags. I would rather spend a few more minutes at the other end waiting for my checked-in luggage and board the flight in a leisurely manner after everyone else, secure in the knowledge that my laptop bag can slip neatly under the seat in front. One of the few good aspects about Terminal 5 is that your bags now arrive in double quick time. I’m conscious that as I write these words I am on a flight … with checked-in baggage … going to T5.

Although I must admit that I did once have an infuriating woman in front of me who clearly didn’t understand one of the unspoken laws of the frequent flyer: that your bag goes under the seat of the person in front of you and the space under your seat is reserved exclusively for the use of the person in the row behind you. The only pleasing fact about this story was that along with her duty free bottles she had also deposited something fairly soft in one of the bags. I am ashamed to say that it felt satisfyingly like duty free cigarettes as I flattened it under my feet.

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