Texas de Brazil – strictly for carnivores

Whatever you do, do not visit this restaurant if you are a vegetarian. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, that’s assuming you like meat and lots of it, this place is a must at least once. It’s become a bit of a tradition when we are in Orlando, partly because it’s actually quite a fun place to go, but also because finding restaurants that you really want to be in is very hard out here. I am sure that if you are a local that’s not the case, but when you are out here for work and you need to find somewhere on the spur of the moment that isn’t stupidly priced or just following a tired formula, it can be quite difficult.

Dining room – Orlando

The way it works is you first serve yourself with your eponymous starter which consists of every imaginable salad that you could ever think of. Although I think the lobster bisque is the thing to go for because first of all it’s very good and secondly the last thing you want to do is to pig out on the starter, because you have the mother of all meat-eating experiences just around the corner. When the starter has been cleared away, you’ll see by your plate there is a little cardboard disc which has a green side and a red side. As long at the green side is visible it tells an endless stream of waiters to keep appearing at your side with sword-like skewers about three feet long loaded with meat which they slice off at the table for you. Straight from the barbecue. You choose what you want and the way it’s been cooked direct from the chef, as it were. The real experience here is the beef, but there’s plenty for those who prefer chicken, pork and lamb. What I like about it is that you can eat a little and often and the guys coming to your table know everything about the meat they are bearing. Then when you feel you’ve had enough, just turn the disc over to the red side and they instantly stop troubling you. After a rest, turn it back to green and they start appearing again.

The wine list is extensive, not cheap of course, but comprehensive. There really is something from everywhere and you can drink an exclusive French bordeaux, and pay accordingly for it, or work your way through a comprehensive list that majors on the States but has good selections as well from other quality wine producing regions like South America and Australia. We always manage to go overboard on the Californian wines, but then that’s part of the fun of experiencing what you might not normally get the chance to experiment with back at home.

The service is excellent as you would expect in a top quality American restaurant. It’s quite pricey with the exchange rate as it is. Forty bucks or so a head without the wine. I forgot to mention the deserts, partly because I’ve never actually lasted that far. But they look overblown and I’m told are nothing to write home about. But you know what? You don’t come here for the pudding. And the value? Well, it’s all about whether the glass is half empty or half full. You can eat just as much as you are able to. So probably on balance that sounds like quite good value.


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