Some Rules

I imagine that there should be some rules to all of this. You can’t go around saying bad things about people or places just for the sake of it. They may have just had a bad day, although I suspect that in general there are much more deep-seated issues with the whole customer service philosophy, in the UK in particular. But I believe in calling out the good and the bad. So I think that where service is good it should be easy for those in the know to work it out. Where it’s bad it’s more of a general moan about the institution or circumstances.

If you do decide to contribute, please keep it clean and objective. This is not one of those blogs where you can rant about a specific airline or hotel chain. Although I am quite happy to carry the links to these sites. After all, if you set out your shop with some of the more preposterous marketing slogans you see around, then you need to take it in good spirit when you don’t live up to the hype.

I’m also learning about the way to organize a blog. Having had my own website in the past, I’m getting my head around the concept of the blog and what you need to do to organise stuff. So the site may evolve a bit as I get used to it. Please feel free to comment and improve.

Let’s see how it goes.

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